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Baby Girl Names

baby girl names
baby girl names

hey there you are searching for baby girl names then you are in the right place

here we provide a number of different and unique baby girl names with meanings that help you to choose the right name for your cute baby girl.

Name is the most important thing because the name will stay the rest of the life with your baby and it will be a unique identification of a person.

People say that those names have a significant effect on the baby’s development and personality.

Selecting best and unique baby names

Selecting a name in this modern era is the hardest thing because thousands of baby girls are born on daily bases so it seems hard nut to crack for everyone

Baby Girls names are normally different and full of deep meanings that describe their personality and make impression toward other people because of many people judge a person by their names mostly girl names

so selecting a right name for your baby girl is necessary that hold a deep and lovely meaning that can steal the heart of any person. In India,

Baby girl names are normally matched with others so no one wants to share their name with others nowadays so you should select a unique name for a girl that in future she does not face any kind of problem-related to her name.

baby girl names with meanings

Reflection or Image or Radiance
the earth
Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Patience,
Divine or Divine Luster
Produced from petals
 First power
Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the
Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity,Freedom
Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh
A music tune, Progressive, Evolving
inspirational, idealistic
First power, Goddess Durga, First, Unequalled, Perfect,
Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day
Letters, Goddess Saraswati
One who will be beautiful forever
State of deathlessness, Immortality
Goddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, Different from others,
Without a superior, God has shown favor
Shine of glory
Goddess Durga, The brilliance of the stone
Grace; favor; flower
One of devis names, Name of a Goddess
Full of grace
a long accompanied song for a solo voice
Glow of dawn
Noble goddess
The earth
Goddess Parvati, Purity, Gift from God
Full of luster; Famous
Goddess Parvati
Emotional or Beautiful Lady
Name of an ancient city
Creeper with fragrant flowers
Moonlight or A river

Baby Names And Meaning

  1. Damyanti       “soothing”; “subduing”
  2. Darika              Maiden
  3. Dayamai           Kind; Merciful
  4. Dayita              beloved             
  5. Ekaja               The only child
  6. Ekani               One
  7. Ekanta             Solitude, Peaceful
  8. Ekta                Unity
  9. Ela                  oak
  10. Eshana            wish, desire
  11. Eta                  Luminous
  12. Ekantika          Singly focused
  13. Ella                 light
  14. Ekiya              Kindness
  15. Falguni           Beautiful
  16. Forum            fragrant
  17. Faiza              Bloom, Be Successful
  18. Falak              Brave, Fearless
  19. Farisha           Yazid Al-Abshamiyah’S Daughter
  20. Fatheha          Guide, Proof
  21. Farzeen          Gift Of God, Beautiful
  22. Farida            unique
  23. Gauri             Fair, White
  24. Geet              song
  25. Geetika         Beauty
  26. Ganga          Ganga is the name of the holiest river in India and is worshipped by many Hindus
  27. Garima         One Who Is Heaven-Sent
  28. Gaurangi       Fair complexioned
  29. Gayathri        Mother of Vedas
  30. Gaurika         Lord Of Brahmins
  31. Gautami        Clouds
  32. Hiral             Lustrous
  33. Harini           The God Of Silence
  34. Hemangini    Jasmine
  35. Hema           Nectar
  36. Harinakshi    A Precious
  37. Harita          Fast, Progressive
  38. Hemal         One With Big Brain ( Ganesh )
  39. Hemani        Knowledge Or Wisdom
  40. Heena         A Sensuous, Beautiful Woman
  41. Ira             A devoted one, Tender, Woman of magdala, To be present in latent, United, Noble
  42. Isha           Lord
  43. Ishani         Consort of Lord shiva., Close to God
  44. Ishanvi      Goddess of knowledge
  45. Ishita        Superior, Wealthy
  46. Idika         The earth
  47. Idris          lord; studious
  48. Ijaya          Sacrifice
  49. Ikshita       A Dark , Beautiful Woman
  50. Indali         powerful
  51. Jasmine     an Old World shrub or climbing plant which is popular as an ornamental
  52. Jhanvi       Ganga the river
  53. Jagrati      pleased by Gods
  54. Jagvi        Worldly
  55. Jalsa         The name is a variation of the Arabic word Rehan, meaning ‘God’s chosen one 
  56. Janaki      Name of God
  57. Januja      Joyous
  58. Janya       life
  59. Jasmit      Famed; Celebrated
  60. Jeevika    River narmada
  61. Jhalak      Glimpse or Spark
  62. Kashvi      Shining, bright
  63. Kavya       Poetry in motion, Poem, Laden with sentiment, Worth, Learning, Foresight, With the qualities of a sage or poetlearning
  64. Khushi     Happiness, Smile, Delight
  65. Kiara        Little black one, Dusky, Dark haired
  66. Krisha      Divine, Thin
  67. Krishna    all-attractive
  68. Kyra         The Sun
  69. Kajal        Peace
  70. Kamya      wish, desire
  71. Kashika     inherent in the very nature of things
  72. Lakshmi     Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate
  73. Lipika        Idea, Imagination, Fancy
  74. Lolita         Beautiful or Decorative or Delighted
  75. Lopa          Sun
  76. Lekha        Goddess
  77. Leena        Lord Of The Universe or Immortal
  78. Libni         White, whiteness
  79. Lochan      eye
  80. Ladli          loved one
  81. Lajita        modesty
  82. Mahika     The earth, Dew, Mist
  83. Manya      The quiet one, Worthy of honor, Respected, Honourable
  84. Maryam    Beautiful women, Flower, Beloved
  85. Meera       Devotee of Lord Krishna, Ocean, Boundary, Poetess
  86. Megha      Cloud
  87. Meher      Grace
  88. Mishka      Gift of Love
  89. Mitali        A bond between friendship and Love
  90. Myra         Honey, Beloved
  91. Naira        Shining, Glittering
  92. Navya       Worth praising, Young, Praiseworthy
  93. Nayantara    Iris, Star of the eyes
  94. Niharika    Dew Drop
  95. Nisha        Night
  96. Nitara       Having Deep Roots
  97. Netra        Kingdom
  98. Nidra        Love
  99. Nikita       English Version Of The Irish Aodán Or Meaning “Fire”.
  100. Nilima      Indian Name From The Sanskrit Meaning “Unconquerable”.
  101. Olivia       olive tree
  102. Omaja      Lotus-Eyed
  103. Omisha     Modest
  104. Oni           Lord Of Goodness
  105. Opal          jewel
  106. Ojasvi      Brave, Fearless
  107. Omya      Son
  108. Osha        Combustion, shining, burning
  109. Odika       ancient
  110. Oeshi       Gods Precious Gift
  111. Pari           Beauty, Fairy, Angel
  112. Pihu           Chattering of bird
  113. Pratyusha      Bright
  114. Prisha        Talent given by God, Beloved, Loving, Gods gift
  115. Pahal        The Moon A Night After Amavasya
  116. Palak        Guardian
  117. Panini       of a poet
  118. Pallavi      Man Who Has Been Taught Customary Law And Entrusted With Certain Duties:
  119. Parul         Name of a flower; beautiful; gracious
  120. Pavani       Full Moon
  121. Qushi        happy
  122. Qiyara       Very Pretty
  123. Quasar       Meteorite
  124. Queeni       oyal Lady
  125. Quincy      estate of the fifth son
  126. Qayanat    all creations
  127. Rachita    Created
  128. Raveena   Sunny
  129. Ridhi        Good fortune, prosperity
  130. Riya        Rich or from hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer
  131. Rabhya    Worshipped
  132. Rachana   Creation
  133. Radha     From The German Fridu Meaning “Peace”
  134. Rajata      A Name From Ancient Epics
  135. Rajeshri   Sweet Girl
  136. Raksha      Genius
  137. Saanvi      Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed
  138. Sahana     Raaga or patience, Queen
  139. Sai           Female friend, A flower
  140. Saira        Princess
  141. Samaira   Enchanting, Protected by God
  142. Sarah      Happy, Pure, Princess
  143. Saumya   Mild, Goddess Durga
  144. Shanaya   Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday, First Ray of the Sun
  145. Shravya   Musical tone, Worthy of being heard
  146. Shreya     Goddess Lakshmi, Auspicious, Luster, Prosperity, Pratham, Shrestha, Beauty, Grace, Power, Brilliance, Dignity power, Another name for Saraswati, Sacred, A musical Raag
  147. Sneha      Love
  148. Suhana    Beautiful
  149. Suhani     Beautiful
  150. Tanvi        Slender, Beautiful, Delicate
  151. Trisha       Thirst
  152. Tanmayi    Wholly absorbed in God
  153. Tamanna   The Effusion Of Them, A High Heap
  154. Tanuja       Woman
  155. Tripti         Winner Of The World
  156. Triveni     Confluence of three sacred river Ganga or Yamuna and Saraswati
  157. Triya           Young woman
  158. Turvi          Superior
  159. Tulsi          A Kind Of Basil Which Is Cultivated By Hindus As A Sacred Plant
  160. Ucchal       Perception
  161. Ubika         Growth
  162. Udyati       elevated
  163. Unnati        Union
  164. Upadhriti    a ray
  165. Urishilla      excellent
  166. Upma          the best       
  167. Upasna       coming toghether 
  168. Vaishnavi    Worshipper of Vishnu
  169. Vansha       Bamboo, Backbone, Cane
  170. Vanya        Hindu female deity of forests, Van ki Devi, Gods gift, God is gracious
  171. Vedhika     Full of knowledge, Altar, A river in India, Consciousness, An Apsara or celestial
  172. Vinaya          Modest, Restrained, Decent
  173. Vamakshi    Beautiful eyed
  174. Vamika        Goddess Durga
  175. Vasana        Goddess Durga
  176. Vasatika      Morning light
  177. Vasudha     Another Name For Shiva
  178. Waida         promise
  179. Warda        Guardian
  180. Wishi          Fulfil Wish
  181. Wafiya       Trustworthy
  182. Watika       garden
  183. Waheeda    unique
  184. Wajeeha    glorious
  185. Wakeeta    beautiful flower
  186. Widisha     Intermediate region; knowledge
  187. Yachana    Pleading
  188. Yadavi       Goddess Durga
  189. Yahvi         Heaven or Earth
  190. Yashawini    Reputed
  191. Yashica          Success
  192. Yashoda         Mother of lord Krishna or Famous or Successful
  193. Yashodhara    One who has achieved fame
  194. Yasti                 Slim
  195. Yauvani          Mother of Vedas or A Goddess
  196. Yochana          Thought
  197. Zara                 In flower, Bright as the dawn, Brilliance, Blossoming flower
  198. Zoey           life
  199. Zora           Friend
  200. Zuri           beautiful
  201. Zaha          flower
  202. Zaida         Proper Name
  203. Zarna        A small stream of sweet water
  204. Zenia         Noble, Eminent
  205. Zivah         radiance, brilliance, light, God, brightness